Upgrade Your Blinds for Energy Savings

Think about upgrading your old blinds with little R rating and upgrading to our cellular shades with a 6.55 R rating.  It’s just like putting a big quilt over your window except nicer.  Our cellular shades with the unique insulating honeycomb design and premium fabrics provide high-performance energy savings for patio doors, windows and room dividers.

Cellular Shade Honeycomb Cell Sizes and Differences

The different honeycomb sizes provide the right proportion for any window in your living space.

⅜" Single Cell

Sleek profile for smaller windows (available in select fabrics only)

½" Double Cell

Double-cell construction provides maximum energy savings

¾" Single Cell

The larger cell size creates a clean, proportional look for medium to large windows

1¼" Single Cell

Extra large cell size proportioned for oversized windows for a clean look with fewer pleats

Graber Cellular Shades provide varying levels of light and privacy


Allows the most sunlight and the least privacy


Allows moderate sunlight and a little privacy

Light Filtering

Blocks some sunlight and offers some privacy (darker colors may offer more privacy than lighter colors)


Blocks all sunlight and offers complete privacy

Graber Cellular Shades come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, control types, styles and colors for your home. If you are curious to see how these beautiful shades will look on your window, visit Graber here:

Contact me and I will come to your home and give you a free estimate and show and demonstrate to you the different Graber window coverings available.

Karen 208-833-4681

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